“When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, do not adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.”



At Coaching for Excellence, an Ottawa professional leadership and wellness coaching business, we provide services that support you and your team as well as your organization to meet challenges at hand, spark insight, and tap into human potential and possibilities. We believe human possibilities are cultivated through the integration and use of our three brains, the head, the heart and the gut and it is why we foster growth in our clients so that they have more freedom and resourcefulness to LIVE TO THE POWER OF THREE.

As an Ottawa professional coaching firm, please feel free to contact us for a confidential no-obligation consultation. Within a short time, we will be able to determine how we can be of service. In some instances, we are able to deliver services throughout Canada, the United States and Mexico. we encourage you to ask us about what capabilities we have to serve you. In many instances, services and products can be delivered on-line through Zoom or other platforms that enable us to reach out to almost every corner of the world.

27 Sawgrass Circle
Ashton, Ontario
K0A 1B0

Tel: 613.794.1615



“We are dependent upon each other for the narration of our own life-story.”

Adriana Cavarero


Many of you might know how it feels to be totally embodied since this is often a place where you feel resourceful, in the zone and intentional instead of reactive and functioning from the “back seat” of your awareness and intelligence.  The act of being embodied means you are LIVING TO THE POWER OF THREE, the foundational purpose of Coaching for Excellence.  It is scientifically proven that we have three brains, in our head, our heart and our gut and when these are aligned, they can make us flourish, resourceful, purposeful or their misalignment can make us suffer, reactive and unbalanced emotionally and physically.  Deepening your balance of these will lead to more freedom, resourcefulness and choices. It leads to being in a wiser relationship to one’s experience, a key result of being more mindful.

We are a dedicated team of individuals who believe that it is possible to LIVE TO THE POWER OF THREE, using the head to build wisdom, using the heart to compassionately respond to life and the gut where the right action and deeper knowing emerges.  We work with individuals and teams to build and strengthen soft-skills for hard times.


“All real change begins with self change. As enterprise leaders, our capacity for organizational growth is directly proportional to our own growth.”

Kevin Cashman


These are complex times and with it, our well-being has never been more important. These products are designed to offer a mountain of support. These can be offered individually or for a team in a workplace. They are offered by Zoom.

FINDING INDESTRUCTIBLE SELF-ESTEEM & PURPOSE: Are you looking to find meaning especially in the wake of this pandemic? Are you finding that your values are changing and you are looking to understand how to adapt to the challenges ahead? Are you finding that your self-esteem is low and struggling to figure out how you value yourself and find your gifted superpowers? In this 3 hour workshop, learn how to reconnect with your inherit gifts, what happens when you disconnect with your unique contribution and how to build indestructible self-esteem, the pillar to a happier life. Next Workshop Begins: October 14 by Zoom at 9:30 a.m. ET (registration opening soon)

SOFT SKILLS FOR HARD TIMES: Effective communicators are generally considered to be successful people. They know how to recognize and master the emotions that emerge in them; they lead with empathy and criticize with skill; they are able to maintain good relations with everyone; they are resilient and optimistic. In other words, they embody emotional intelligence. In this 6 hour workshop as well as preparatory and follow-up sessions, learn about competencies that influence productivity, decreased employee turnover, and increased efficiency to increase work satisfaction, create trust, and foster organizational commitment and loyalty. Next Workshop Begins: Fall 2020 (additional information to come)

IMPACTFUL CONVERSATIONS: Almost every day we have to face difficult discussions, with employees, managers, suppliers, customers and these days the pandemic just seems to add another element of complexity. Despite the fact that you are sure you are right, they do not understand, or do not want to understand. However, they think the same of you. What if you were wrong? Or what if you both were right but for different reasons? What if the discussion isn't about being right or wrong at all? In this 6 hour workshop, learn to prepare and execute difficult conversations while keeping your power. Next Workshop Begins: October 15th by Zoom at 9:30 a.m. ET (registration opening soon)

“With our programs, leaders learn to lead with the heart, check in with the gut and organize with the brain. All essential elements of effective and caring leadership.”

Caroline Thibaudeau


Lately, we have been curious about unpacking the topics of essential leadership traits and qualities, mindfulness, how these impact our presence and the felt experience of us by those around us. There are many ways the body can help us be better, whether it is in relationships, in conversation or in action. Resources below are sources of inspiration. We are grateful for their wisdom and teachings and encourage you to explore these as well. In many cases, there are great TED Talks and on line resources available.

  • Brian Gagzer, "A Curious Mind"
  • David Whyte and the Institute for Conversational Leadership
  • Wendy Palmer and the Leadership Embodiment Institute
  • Elizabeth Kubler-Ross and the 5 Stages of Grief
  • Peter Senge and his body of work on Presence
  • Marshall Rosenberg and the body of work on Nonviolent Communications
  • The Enneagram Institute
  • David Goleman and Richard Boyatzis and their body of work on Emotional Intelligence
  • Amy Cuddy and how the body shapes who we are
  • Brene Brown, Rising Strong and her TED Talk on vulnerability
  • Benjamin & Rosamund Zander and The Art of Possibility
  • David Treleaven and his body of work on trauma-sensitive mindfulness
  • Stephen Levine and A Year to Live
  • Jon Kabat-Zinn & Shinsen Young and mindfulness and its benefits
  • Frederic Laloux and Reinventing Organizations
  • Patrick Lencioni and The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

“We shape our self to fit this world, and by the world are shaped again. The visible and the invisible working together in common cause, to produce the miraculous.”

David Whyte


Coaching for Excellence is led by Caroline Thibaudeau, owner and leader who was first inspired by transformation and coaching during her almost 25 year career in public organisations. Caroline received her integral development coaching accreditation from New Ventures West, one of the gold standard- coaching schools worldwide. She is also a continuous learner and most recently has completed Jon Kabat-Zinn’s world renowned Mindfulness Stress Reduction program. Alongside these and many other modalities and approaches (such as a certification in Group Coaching), Caroline has a deep experience with working in crisis management environments where chaos resides. This makes her and her team uniquely able to help heal teams, strengthen conversations, enhance collaboration and much more.

She is also a sport coach and brings this perspective and insight into enhancing human and organizational performance. She possesses a deep passion for evolving thoughtful, caring and conscious leadership. One of the ways that describes her intention and way of being is finding how to best serve that which allows potential to flourish, grow and thrive in today’s complex workplace.

She is a coach-mentor with Pour3Points (a social change making youth organisation), former Leadership Coach with the Canadian Olympic Committee, a former director with Sport Canada, a former director at Public Safety Canada and is a strong advocate for excellence and LIVING TO THE POWER OF THREE, where possibilities emerge and skillful presence come together in flow.

She is also a strong believer in community and as such continues to be involved in various activities that help enrich, empower, and create environments where people can grow and thrive. She is involved in volunteer activities with the International Coach Federation as well as with local charities and non-profits.



Coaching for Excellence leadership and coaching and its sole proprietor, Caroline Thibaudeau retains a privileged information relationship with its clients in coaching relationships. As a member of the International Coach Federation and as a credentialed coach, Caro-line is guided in her interactions by a Code of Ethics that outlines enforceable confidentiality standards of conduct. For additional information, please see link above.

Coaching for Excellence leadership and coaching undertakes to keep confidential all information passing between the client and coach and this includes all correspondence. Information will only be conveyed to others (including the sponsoring organization) with the full knowledge and agreement of the client.

“The only secure truth men have is that which they themselves create and dramatize; to live is to play at the meaning of life.”

Ernest Becker


Coaching for Excellence has experience in working with the public, private and non-for profit sectors. See what our clients are saying about our services:

“Caroline’s unique customized program offers senior leaders the opportunity to harness their creativity and perceptive abilities to enhance not only executive leadership skills and workplace performance but also management of work life balance challenges faced by many in today’s workplace.”
James Papadimitriou, Partner, McCartney Tétrault, Montreal, Canada

“Caroline has inspired and challenged me to work in a generous, honest and respectful way. Her coaching style combines her wisdom and experience with a generous spirit and plenty of laughter. Working with her has made a huge difference to how I show up in the world and I thoroughly recommend her.”
Veronica Lysaght, former Strategic Director, International Coack Federation, London, UK

“I started working with Caroline a couple of years ago. She has helped me immensely and with her integral approach, I now feel more confident to lean into crucial conversations essential to healthy workplace dynamics. This has been beneficial in both my work and personal life. Whether it be coaching circles or one on one coaching, Caroline has been a tremendous support to me over the years! I would hire her again and recommend her services.”
Monette Maillet, Deputy Executive Director and Senior General Counsel, Canadian Human Rights Commission, Ottawa, Canada

“Caroline has been a fantastic addition to our peer learning program at the COC as one of our Leadership Coaches. During our monthly virtual Co-Op calls, Caroline’s skill as an integral coached stood out, helping our participants work through a “what keeps you up at night” issue. She was able to challenge our clients to reflect and reframe the problem while drawing on the experiences of others to uncover blind spots and create new ways to look at solutions. She was regularly successful at helping clients see where they needed to make some changes and clearly expose what the real issue was. She was able to use the coaching framework, to navigate the often complex issues and discussion to help clients gain renewed perspective and inspiration to make practical and real change in their work settings.”
Derek Covington, former Director, Canadian Olympic Committee, Montreal, Canada

“Caroline is a unique and talented coach. Deeply knowledgeable and compassionate, Caroline is able to spark insights to help individuals be at their authentic best, whether on the ski hill or in the boardroom. She coaches from the heart, and is passionate about developing human potential.”
Andrew Foti, Founder & CEO of Avvōkat, Ottawa, Canada

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”

Viktor Frankl


We are here to offer a mountain of support. Clients have asked us where they can start and below are ways you can support individuals and teams alike in their adaptation to the new reality during and following this pandemic & other events affecting your environment.

ONE-ON-ONE COACHING: Talk to a skilled coach, a person that knows the world of work and can create a safe space. It’s not because you’re working from home that development and growth stops. Set up a program for you or your organization and get started. Programs are available on request in blocks of 8, 12 or 20 hours.

GROUP COACHING: This is a workshop that helps you solve real-time management issues while stretching. It helps participants embody essential emotional intelligence qualities to productive and mutually satisfying relationships. One session every three weeks is recommended for participants for a total of 8 sessions. The following topics may be covered depending on the group needs: Generous listening, the art of asking powerful questions, making better workplaces through better decisions, building resilience, working with organizational cultures, verbal and non-verbal communications, how to foster inclusivity/diversity and collective intelligence and more. Based on the Coaching Circle© methodology. Program is available individually or for a group on request.

TEAM DEVELOPMENT: Are you sensing that you want to turn your workforce in a true force? Today’s complex organizational environment calls for different approaches and solutions. Getting the team together virtually, finding ways to create psychological safety, showing a deep care and compassion for all. Some strive in this new work-at-home environment, others struggle. We are all living this loss of normalcy differently. Increasingly, leaders will need to embody two fundamental characteristics to lead teams with purpose, with drive. Two foundational emotional intelligence skills, compassion and empathy, are redefining the necessary skills of leadership. Today, there is a de-emphasis on technical skills and amplification for the need of the so-called “soft skills.” Today leaders are asked to help their teams heal which often expands the role of the leader to act more like a coach and sounding board. Program available and can including indivial or team assessment tools on request.

“The human mind cannot create anything. It produces nothing until having been fertilized by experience and meditation; its acquisitions are the gems of its production.”

Georges-Louis Leclerc Buffon


Mindfulness can reduce stress, suffering and actually make us happier and healthier. The reality of this pandemic is it has had many impacts on us. But life with it's many challenges including COVID does not need to be life-sucking. We can choose to cope with the disruptions to our natural rhythms and the overload of it all or we can find healthy life-giving adaptive measures. Coaching for Excellence is now offering two mindfulness products that build the capacity of individuals to find their ground, bounce back and deal with the stress in a different way with what is unfolding worldwide. . It is inspired by the seminal courses of Jon Kabat-Zinn, American professor emeritus of medicine and the creator of the Stress Reduction Clinic and the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

8 WEEK BUILDING RESILIENCE: Are you finding that COVID has led you to consume copious amounts of wine, food (not the healthy kind!), Netflix and other vices just to feel like every day is NOT Groundhog Day? Do you feel like you are in a haze, sensing this is all quite surreal? Are you struggling to find enough energy to meet everyday demands and/or struggling to cope? In this program, learn mindfulness-based stress busting strategies and practice resetting; so you can bring your whole-self forward. Some benefits include a greater sense of resilience, increased focus, happiness, a sense of well-being, and knowing how to better care for ourselves. Next Workshop Begins: September 15th by Zoom at 3 p.m. ET (90 min. per session) (COURSE IS FULL - additional information to come)

8 WEEK MINDFUL SKIING: What’s the magic formula for clearing the head, fighting fear, balancing breathing, fostering focus and having more fun while skiing? One answer is mountain mindfulness. This is an 8 session practice that uses the mountain and alpine skiing as a training ground for teaching ourselves the things that are necessary for our stability, our sense of well-being, and to access a deeper understanding of what is challenging us. It also is designed to develop a response rather than reaction to solving challenging problems on and off the slopes. Whether you are looking to transform your skiing experience or your life, this workshop is for you. Sessions start every month from November 2020.

Please contact Caroline for additional information at info@coachexcellence.ca

“Intelligence is the door to freedom and alert attention is the mother of intelligence.”

Jon Kabat-Zinn